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feeling is healing

Whatever happens, we shall feel it through. Usually we tend to "run away or avoid" (flight), "hide or repress" (freeze) or "do not want to accept it or deny" (fight). This is just a mechanism for our body and mind to avoid feeling because feeling feels uncomfortable. Uncomfortable does not mean it is bad or good, or will last forever. It just means, it is uncomfortable right now in this moment. We must remember that "this shall also pass". Trust the moment.

Emotional release bodywork helps you release the holding patterns in the body due to emotional repression, emotional denial and emotional avoidance.



My name is Kristiana. I am a Psychosomatic Therapist and an Emotional Release Bodyworker. My journey started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015. I studied Psychosomatic Therapy with Bianca Moeschinger and went through a journey of my own. After 2 years I completed the training and received Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy at the Psychosomatic Therapy College. Following that I completed Yoga Nidra and The Art of Yin Yoga (Tao Yin) training in Australia and the USA.


During my studies I discovered that doing Emotional Release Bodywork comes naturally to me and is what I want to offer to the world. I also discovered that teaching yoga following my intuition brings enormous benefits to the people attending my classes.

Since 2016, I have been facilitating emotional release bodywork sessions, healing yoga sessions and many of my clients have gone from 'difficulty to walk' and 'experiencing pain' to 'being pain free' and 'playing sports again'. 


Client Testimonials

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Jade Unwin

"Thank you so much for the Psychosomatic Bodywork healing. I was not expecting to get so much from my first session, but I feel lighter and can already feel the shifts in my body. I can't wait to see what the next sessions bring."

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."


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